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Transformation strategist. Consumer evangelist. Digital futurologist.

Scuba-diving Brit and world-renowned advertising visionary and initiator, Dean Donaldson is best known for utilizing the true potential of next-generation advertising technology. Fusing creative technology with brand messaging, his passion and expertise draws together converging digital media product development and mainstream marketing.

“It’s all about engaging consumers where they are rather than where you want them to be.” This consumer-focused perspective helps create practical solutions for marketing teams, agencies and clients that cut through the digital noise and deliver meaningful and measurable results.

With more than 25 years of advertising and digital experience, Dean is a recognized expert at navigating through the maze of emerging media, telling stories about how digital has shifted consumer behavior, moving from direct mail to Twitter, through QR codes on mobile phones to RFID interactive screens and converging onto ACR enabled Dual Screens, connected IPTV, inCar Advertising and ePaper. Looking closely at the permeation of all advertising channels, Dean is focused on how digital is creeping across the media landscape from fixed digital billboards in New York City’s Time Square to as far east as floating eSignage on Shanghai’s Huangpu River and how location-based advertising will bring a new brand relevance to consumers – yet remains composed on the concerns surrounding user profiling.

Focussed on tackling the ethics of shaping the future of addressable advertising using Near Field Communication (NFC), Dean is an active vocalist on moral obligations and privacy concerns in light of tracking via technology. He seeks to ensure the continued commercialisation of content across a fragmented range of viewing devices is balanced against a consumer who is truly in control. Dean’s investigation into privacy concerns surrounding proximity based advertising recently earned him a Masters degree from the UK’s leading research and innovation centre based at Bournemouth University, and led to him advising European Ministers on the effects of media convergence on future EU policy.

Dean has published multiple articles and frequently serves as an industry source for leading business and advertising trade publications including AdAge, Adweek, Adotas, Bloomberg, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, NPR, San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, OMMA Magazine, Media Post, ClickZ, iMedia and Revolution among others. He also serves on the video, measurement and mobile councils at the IAB, consulting frequently for leading brands across the globe about new ways to measure and integrate offline and online channels and has delivered presentations at over 250 industry events across more than 35 countries from the Americas through out Europe to across Asia. Recent speaking engagements include iMedia, OMMA, AdTech, IAB, JDPA, ClickZ, dmexco, i-Com Global, SIME as well as MSN Roadshows, DG’s Inspire Series and MediaMind’s Digital Experience Days.

When he’s not living out of a suitcase, Dean ‘sometimes’ resides in the heart of London.

A copy of my current resume is available to download from here.

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